Thaba Tholo recognises that producing excellence means developing excellence

    Thaba Tholo understands that in order to ensure the best results, the best staff must be employed, trained and supported. It is for this reason that Thaba Tholo believes in ensuring that our staff are provided with working conditions that match their excellence. Due to the size of the reserve and the often long hours of work, Thaba Tholo houses its staff and their families in four villages located on company property outside the main reserve. This means that at the end of the working day staff are able to return to their families and enjoy a normal social life. Each home is provided with electricity, water and sanitation services, subsidised by Thaba Tholo.

    Social Programs

    One of Thaba Tholo’s prime social investments is in education. The children of our employees are able to attend any one of the five schools sponsored by Thaba Tholo in the area

    Kesarona is a model C school located on the Thaba Tholo property itself. It is largely funded and administered by employees of Thaba Tholo, together with the Department of Education, and is open to the children of the surrounding community.

    Located north of the farm, Reenpan Primary School is also supported by Thaba Tholo.

    Tswhelapele (Ysterpan) Primary School and Groenvlei Secondary School are additional schools in the area, which are also supported financially and administratively by Thaba Tholo. More than 700 children in the area successfully attend these two schools. In 2014, the pass rates for these schools ranged as high as 85%.

    Spitskop Special Needs School is located in Thabazimbi, and is the only school of its kind in the Province to provide care to children diagnosed with learning problems such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Epilepsy, and other developmental conditions.

    Adult Literacy

    Thaba Tholo’s commitment to education also extends to its staff members, some of whom are unable to read or write when joining our team. We have partnered with the ABET Adult Education programme for after hours adult literacy education.

    Tertiary Education

    Thaba Tholo also funds a staff internship program that assists students with the costs of conservation studies at various universities and institutions. Qualifying students gain extensive experience in areas such as intensive breeding programmes, agriculture, habitat management, security, game capture, animal husbandry, logistical support, maintenance and game auctions.

    Recreational Projects

    In January 2015 Thaba Tholo opened an athletics track to stimulate school athletics in the area. Thaba Tholo has also, for many years, sponsored a highly successful gymnastics programme in conjunction with the Kesarona School. Annually Thaba Tholo sponsors 20 development gymnasts, and of the 140 gymnasts trained so far, there have been 33 silver and 22 bronze medal winners nationally, and 25 gold, 26 silver and 29 bronze winners regionally. Thaba Tholo also sponsors its own soccer team, which is enthusiastically supported by our employees. Regular outings and team building events include visits to venues such as the Pretoria Zoo, the Hartebeespoort Animal and Snake Park and hiking trips to the Magaliesburg Mountains.

    Health care

    At Thaba Tholo, we believe in ensuring that our employees are provided with both health care and advice. Thaba Tholo staff have access to preventative health care for high-risk diseases as well as nutritional assistance and advice. Where necessary, secondary care assists those employees with chronic diseases or conditions, including the monitoring of medication and attending regular check-ups.


    Due to the increased risk of poaching, security is of the utmost importance. We believe that the best line of defence against poaching and general crime is the sense of loyalty and ownership from our employees, who themselves are drawn from Thabazimbi’s local communities. Our security team is trained to the highest international standards, and works closely with the South African Police and the Anti-Poaching Units. Our work in security focuses both on our local area as well as on a national basis.

    Investing in sustainability

    Thaba Tholo believes in the long-term sustainability of its wildlife programs and projects, and as such, great care is taken to improve the quality of the habitat, and to ensure that any farming activities are sustainable and environment friendly.

    Thaba Tholo produces the majority of its own feed and has recently expanded its agricultural farming activities to include crops, which will be grown using electricity generated from our own solar farm. We have also recognized the need for more diversity in our operations, and thus have embarked on agricultural projects that not only support our primary business, but also promote sustainability and re-investment in local produce.

    At Thaba Tholo, we believe that the treasure of African wildlife should be one that is shared by all who live on this Continent. It is for this reason that we pride ourselves in constantly developing our farming practises to ensure we are enhancing and adding to the gene pool of African wildlife. Our breeding program is aimed at producing quality animals that will go on to diversify and strengthen external populations, both nationally and regionally. In order to achieve this goal, we have adopted employment and social development models that will support our initiative, while also ensuring that local South African’s are able to share in the wealth of our country. It is for these reasons that at Thaba Tholo we look to the future of wildlife today.