Thaba Tholo has proven that the game industry can be economically and ecologically sustainable and that nature conservation can pay for itself. 

The same model can be duplicated in provincial and national parks, 

in the same way, as the African Parks Foundation is managing 

national parks in some African countries. 

Discover our corner of the African Bushveld

The object of Thaba Tholo is not merely to leave a legacy of bio-diverse fauna and flora for generations to come, but also a legacy of business trust, client service par excellence, and a sound, sustainable conservation heritage.

About Thaba Tholo

Thaba Tholo is a 37,000-hectare game farm in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. 

The farm was established in the late 1980s by consolidating several farms bought by shareholders, and they established a company to run it as an ecological unit, facilitating the reintroduction of the Big Five and other rare species.
Thaba Tholo is committed to the conservation of all species, especially endangered species.

Genetic Diversity

Genetic diversity is safeguarded and enhanced by accommodating large, yet sustainable numbers of each species and selecting for distinguishing characteristics through comprehensive monitoring. 

Game Auctions

Thaba Tholo sells the majority of its excess game at an annual auction in September and has a long history of selling quality animals to satisfied customers. 


Not to be missed...

50 1/4" Tin-Tin, Zambian Sable Bull, on Auction 16 September 2020

Our Mission


Social Responsibility

Working hand-in-hand with the community and providing job creation and benefits for families living on land adjoining Thaba Tholo Game Farm 


Investing In Sustainability

Thaba Tholo believes in the long-term sustainability of its wildlife programs and projects, and as such, great care is taken to improve the quality of the habitat and to ensure that any farming activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 


Passionate About Conservation

Our breeding program is aimed at producing quality animals that will go on to diversify and strengthen external populations, both nationally and regionally. 

Our Vision


 At Thaba Tholo, we believe that the treasure of African wildlife should be one that is shared by all who live on this Continent. It is for this reason that we pride ourselves in constantly developing our farming practices to ensure we are enhancing and adding to the gene pool of African wildlife. 

Our breeding program is aimed at producing quality animals that will go on to diversify and strengthen external populations, 

both nationally and regionally. In order to achieve this goal, we have adopted employment and social development models that will support our initiative, while also ensuring that local South African’s are able to share in the wealth of our country. 

It is for these reasons that at Thaba Tholo we look to the future of wildlife today.

‘We have already been approached by various countries to re-establish some of the game species that have become extinct in those countries. Eventually, we will not only return wild animals but also share our knowledgeable people and their skills with these countries.’ - Rubin Els, CEO

Sit Back And Watch

Let's not be underestimated!

'We have the vision, knowledge and will to save not only our own rhino, but to repopulate former range states where rhino have disappeared. These projects have been set into motion, years ago and are continuing to this day.' - Rubin Els, CEO

Let's never loose infinite hope!

'If logic prevails and systems are implemented whereby a live rhino’s value exceeds that of a dead rhino, prices

of live animals will escalate, ensuring that this animal becomes one of the most desirable game ranch species.' - Rubin Els, CEO